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About us

HD (Hua-Ding) patent & law office was founded in 2003 by several co-founders, each having at least 15 year IP and legal experience.  Our name, Hua-Ding, is the transliteration of our Chinese name.  Hua means generic Chinese and Ding is symbol of trustworthy trait.  We hope to provide reliable IP service in greater China area for local and foreign clients.

Until now, HD patent & law has around totally 60 staffs (including attorney-at-law, patent attorneys, patent engineers and supporting staffs) in Taiwan and one branch office in Fairfax, VA, US.

Most of the patent attorneys and patent engineers in HD patent & law office have experience for patent prosecution in Taiwan, China and US, and their technology expertise covers mechanic, electrical, chemical and software fields.  Our local clients had filed considerable amount of applications in major industrial regions/countries such US, China, Europe, Japan and Korea.  Therefore, we can provide streamlined and cost-effective work with global colleagues.

Our lawyers have close work with patent attorneys/engineers to provide efficient IP protection in Taiwan.  We are also experienced in patent disputed case in Taiwan and China (patent invalidation cases), so we can prosecute win patents to meet client’s requirement.

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HD Patent & Law Office
Address: 12F, No. 107, Roosevelt Rd., Sec.2, Taipei, Taiwan 106, R.O.C.
Email: iplaw@hdgroup.com.tw ; snowy@hdgroup.com.tw
Tel:  + 886 2 2364-3556
Fax:  + 886 2 2364-3552

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